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Another Community crossword: now with META!

Last month, I posted a Community-themed crossword I created. I had a lot of fun making that one, so I made another one. And this one, as befits a Community crossword, is META! That is, there is a puzzle within the puzzle. Once you complete the grid, you'll need to answer this question:

What episode inspired the puzzle?

The three longest answers will point to one and only one episode. Once you've figured it out, post the name of the episode as a (screened) comment. As before, I have made the puzzle available in the format of your choice. Personally I like Crossword Solver, but it's all the same puzzle regardless so pick which ever format best suits your needs

Big thanks to my test solvers htbthomas and @puxxled for their input and advice on how to make this new puzzle as good and as enjoyable as it could be. Next week I'll put up the answer to the metapuzzle and talk a bit about how the puzzle was constructed. Have fun with it!

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