reddfawks (reddfawks) wrote in community_tv,

Fistful of Philanthropy is up and running!

Hey everyone! I deleted the old post of the "pitch" for this, and now that I've cobbled together a more substantial site, I figured I'd post it up.

(It's not great, but I threw it together in ten minutes.)

If you want to contribute merch, or art/fic requests, feel free to sign up! If you have the means, try to get the word out about this!

If you'd like to make some "advertising" graphics to help link people around (it doesn't even need to be from the "Fistful of Paintballs episode".) Go nuts! Heck, grab a fox off of Google images, stick a piece of straw in her mouth and bam! That's our mascot, Four of Diamonds.

Money talks, and showing prospective picker-uppers that we raised x amount of dollars for a good cause will really put us in the good books! Also, it's good to help. That's the most important part.
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