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help get our sixth season!

haven't posted in here in a while but i still always remained a lover of the show, which is why i'm concerned about the less than steady ratings which have occurred this season. I fear that due to the decline in ratings this season we will not get our sixth season (and a movie). I'm not here to be a debbie downer, i'm actually here to see if we can rally together and make a difference!
After seeing the Subway sign many times in the finale it made me think about how Chuck fans rallied together and all went to Subway together with the demand of an additional season of their beloved show--it made me wonder if us Community fans could do the same thing before NBC makes their renewal decisions (it did take them forever to decide last year). I'm not sure how we would do it--if someone could find out how the Chuck fans did it then that would certainly help--but I know that that rally to Subway actually made a huge impact on NBC when they were deciding to cancel or renew Chuck.
I know it may sound silly but if a very large group of Community fans all went to Subway together like the Chuck fans did then I think we might have a chance of helping to save Community! What do you guys think?
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