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Fic Battle Entry - FIRE AWAY

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The first shot has been fired - the Fic Battle will now begin! Full rules and guidelines here (please note the sign-up addition and the last prompt deadline edit), but the quick version is here:

1) Author A replies to this entry with their writing preferences (from here) to start their thread. Minor changes are allowed to preferences, if needed.
2) Prompter 1 replies to Author A's thread with a prompt
3) Author A fills said prompt with at least 300 words of fic and posts it in a reply to Prompter 1's comment.
4) Author A moves on to Prompter 2.
5) Prompter 1 may now give Author A another prompt if they so choose, continuing on until prompts close on Thursday, June 21st at 10am EST (7am PST).
6) Authors have until Thursday, June 21st at 12pm EST (9am PST) to post their fills.

The author with the MOST fills will be the Winner! Any author who fills EVERY prompt they receive will be a Survivor!

A few additional notes:
** The length of the battle is for two reasons: A) varying free time for writing (a work-a-day writer or a weekender), and B) varying writing speeds (a tortoise or a hare).
** As the battle goes on, try to spread your prompts among the authors. If you see an author who has completed all their prompts and there's plenty of time to the end of the battle, help them out!
** No ideas for prompts? Use resources like unfilled prompts at various comment fic memes and fests (even other fandoms which could be adapted), or random story idea generators.
** Anonymous comments are screened for the duration of the battle. Please prompt logged in.

Questions? See the first comment thread below.


CEASE FIRE! The battle is now over! No fills posted past 12:00pm EST will count toward the final totals. Masterpost with winners, survivors and breakdown will go up by tomorrow at noon.

Authors may continue to fill their prompts, just for fun, if they wish! And prompters, please continue to feedback. :)


Jun. 15th, 2012 05:59 pm (UTC)
Annie/Jeff. Some days, Annie wears very short skirts.
Jun. 16th, 2012 01:26 am (UTC)
Too Little or Too Much?
Rated PG-13

Up until about two years ago, Jeff Winger was a big fan of short skirts. He could write poetry about all of the wonderful assets of these particularly small articles of clothing and the benefits they offered not only to the wearer, but to the admirer as well.

Unfortunately, his feelings toward short skirts have changed as of late. No, they haven’t changed because he's suddenly realized that he is no longer into legs (legs are still the sexiest part of any woman below the crotch, he maintains). Rather they’ve changed because he’s suddenly realized that if he continues to appreciate short skirts in the same way he always has, he’ll be forced to admit that he spends way more time staring at the long, creamy legs attached to his youngest friend than anyone in their right minds would ever deep appropriate.

It wasn’t such a problem in their first year. Annie’s always tended toward skirts, but it seems that her preference for this style has undergone some alterations since she returned for her second year at Greendale. The skirts are shorter now, and they’re not always paired with black tights that make it impossible to admire the length of alabaster flesh from mid-thigh to ballet-slipper clad toe. Now Annie likes to go bare-legged as she struts around campus in skirts that Jeff’s inner old man would call horrendously inappropriate, and for him, that fucking sucks. It sucks because every time he looks at those legs he can only picture one thing: slinging them over his shoulders and burying his face beneath the tiny slip of a skirt that only offers a pretence of coverage.

Yes, Jeff wants to lay Annie out on just about every surface he comes across, throw her spread, smooth legs out of the way and just get right down to business, and it’s all because of those fucking skirts that she seems determined to continue wearing.

It’s not fair. It’s really not. What was once a simple pleasure in Jeff's life has now become a guilty pleasure, and there’s nothing he hates more than feeling guilty.

Well... almost nothing.

He hates not knowing what’s beneath those skirts just a little more.


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