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Lessons in Epic Storytelling, Ch 11/?

Title: Lessons in Epic Storytelling
Author: [info]penny1200
Pairings: Annie/Abed, Annie/Jeff, side Britta/Troy
Rating: NC-17
Words:  9277
Summary: Annie enters the study room to a scene of even greater chaos than usual.  When the group blames her for their behavior, she sets them down to tell them an epic love story that will reveal every single one of her deepest secrets.
Spoilers:  Anything up to and including the season three finale, 'Introduction to Finality'.  In fact, several of the scenes in that episode's final montage will find their way into this story as I provide my own events that lead up to them.
Disclaimer:  I own nothing but the plot.  If I had any claim on Community, Abed would be all mine.
A/N: I'm thrilled that I finally got to this chapter.  This chapter is the big one that I've had on tap since before I even started writing this story, so I hope you guys enjoy it.  There's only one chapter and the epilogue left after this.  As always, I'd like to thank my livejournal reviewers: fangirl 101, fluffyfrolicker, sassyrogue, who_locked, wingster55, and my one anonymous reviewer.  I love hearing from you on such a regular basis.  It makes my efforts worth it.  Please read and review!  Thanks!

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