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Fic Battle Entry - FIRE AWAY

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The first shot has been fired - the Fic Battle will now begin! Full rules and guidelines here (please note the sign-up addition and the last prompt deadline edit), but the quick version is here:

1) Author A replies to this entry with their writing preferences (from here) to start their thread. Minor changes are allowed to preferences, if needed.
2) Prompter 1 replies to Author A's thread with a prompt
3) Author A fills said prompt with at least 300 words of fic and posts it in a reply to Prompter 1's comment.
4) Author A moves on to Prompter 2.
5) Prompter 1 may now give Author A another prompt if they so choose, continuing on until prompts close on Thursday, June 21st at 10am EST (7am PST).
6) Authors have until Thursday, June 21st at 12pm EST (9am PST) to post their fills.

The author with the MOST fills will be the Winner! Any author who fills EVERY prompt they receive will be a Survivor!

A few additional notes:
** The length of the battle is for two reasons: A) varying free time for writing (a work-a-day writer or a weekender), and B) varying writing speeds (a tortoise or a hare).
** As the battle goes on, try to spread your prompts among the authors. If you see an author who has completed all their prompts and there's plenty of time to the end of the battle, help them out!
** No ideas for prompts? Use resources like unfilled prompts at various comment fic memes and fests (even other fandoms which could be adapted), or random story idea generators.
** Anonymous comments are screened for the duration of the battle. Please prompt logged in.

Questions? See the first comment thread below.


CEASE FIRE! The battle is now over! No fills posted past 12:00pm EST will count toward the final totals. Masterpost with winners, survivors and breakdown will go up by tomorrow at noon.

Authors may continue to fill their prompts, just for fun, if they wish! And prompters, please continue to feedback. :)


Jun. 20th, 2012 08:08 pm (UTC)
In Origins of Vampire Mythology, Shirley finds Pierce at the Carnival and they go on some rides.
Jun. 21st, 2012 05:31 am (UTC)
The Replacements
Rated PG

Shirley grumbled to herself as she stalked away from Jeff, arms full of stuffed animals that her boys would in no way be interested in.

She liked being friends with Jeff. He was usually good fun to gossip with, and they really did seem to ‘get’ each other on a deeper level than most of their friends... but sometimes he just went too far. He was prone to bouts of insanity, and when those came along, he was nearly impossible to be around.

Case in point: stalking and monopolizing the time of a Carnie just because he had some sort of vague ‘it factor’ that made women obsess over him.

Shirley could only take so much of Crazy Jeff, so she took off to find Pierce. She knew it was a sad day in her life when she preferred the company of a racist old man over one of her favourite friends. That knowledge was unsettling to her.

She happened upon the racist old man in question sitting alone on a park bench, looking utterly gutted.

“What happened to Chang?” she asked, and then looked around to ensure that the man in question wasn’t about to pop out from behind a balloon animal.

“He left me,” Pierce choked out. “Probably found some cool new friends to hang out with.” His voice held no small hint of anger. Shirley thought about that, and then shook her head.

“I doubt that.” Pierce looked up, taking in the loot she was carrying.

“Where’s Winger? Did he find another man’s butt to stick his wiener in?” Shirley raised an eyebrow. “Because he’s gay,” he clarified. She rolled her eyes, but opted not to answer his question, instead looking to her left at the ferris wheel. Jeff was way too preoccupied to go on it with her, but Pierce seemed just lonely enough to consider it.

Good Lord, what had her life become?

“Did you... umm...”

“UMM!” Pierce interrupted. She shot him a glare. “Sorry, force of habit.”

“Pierce,” she said in a steady tone. “Would you like to ride the ferris wheel with me?” He thought about this a moment.

“Is ‘ferris wheel’ code for sex?” She rolled her eyes.

“Forget it,” she said, beginning to walk away.

“Wait, Shirley,” he called. She stopped in her tracks. “Would you mind if I... joined you?” He seemed uncharacteristically timid. Shirley momentarily felt bad for the old man. She closed the gap and dropped a few of the stuffed animals down on the bench, holding her now free hand out to him.

“Come on, old man,” she offered. “Let’s go get in line.”


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