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Reviewing Season Three: 3.01 Biology 101

Hello my precious blueberries! Welcome back to Summer School! As htbthomas has mentioned, things will be a little different this year. We'll be running a rewatch of all Season 3 episodes but grouped according to the current Summer School theme.

Interestingly enough, we start off with the season's first episode, where we have a first glimpse of Inspector Spacetime (and where - WHEN - the fandom subsequently exploded).

3.01 — Biology 101

On Inspector Spacetime:
  • What is the appeal of Inspector Spacetime? Did you think Inspector Spacetime will be this big in the fandom when you first saw it?
  • Why does Abed like Inspector Spacetime more than Cougar Town?

Character study:
  • What did you feel about Pierce after Season 2 finale? Did you expect this resolution of the cliffhanger?
  • Why did Jeff freak out about being excluded from the study group? What is the significance of the trippy daydream?
  • Did you think at this point that they could survive as a group without all being in one class?
  • Did you believe Dean Pelton would stay the course of being no-nonsense, without the trauma of Vice Dean Laybourne's revelation?
  • What is your impression of Dr. Kane (PhD, LOL) and Vice Dean Laybourne? Based on their actions in this episode, how did you think they will affect the study group and Greendale in general?

Other questions:
  • Favorite line and scene?
  • Anything else you's like to discuss?

Extra credits:
Production Code: 301
Directed by: Anthony Russo
Written by: Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman

Finally, do you remember this opening montage?

Don't think any of that came true, did they? But would this be Community otherwise?

Inspector Spacetime: 3.01 Biology 101 | 3.16 Virtual Systems Analysis | 3.19 Curriculum Unavailable


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